Friday, August 3, 2012

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

It has been pouring for hours. I was going to go dump the rain out of the rain gauge down at the garden, because I was sure it was overflowing and wanted to know how much rain we were getting. In these parts the ongoing rain deficit is a significant issue and tracking rainfall a point of interest.

 It was still dumping rain big time and thunder was crumbling at every corner, but I was determined to go, (in a timid sort of way). So I went in search of the umbrella and couldn't find it anywhere. I knew Regan had had it earlier and remembered seeing it in some corner, but I looked in every corner in the house to no avail.

Finally I woke Regan up enough to ask her and she said, "The umbrella?? It's on the back porch."
And there it was, streaming with rain. So much for the umbrella... opening it would have produced roughly the same effect a wet dog has when he shakes.

My memory seemed to pull up some yellow raincoat or something that we had, so I searched The Chief's closet shelves, and sure enough, folded with his trademark precision, was a rain suit from his biking days.

I pulled it out and looked at it. I tried to put one leg in.
I decided it might be easier to talk him into going.

"Here Babe!" I said, hauling it out to the living room and holding it up temptingly, "Maybe you should go!"

He accused me of all sorts of things.
Wait, that's not true.
He accused me of only one thing.
He accused me of plotting all along to get him to go out, and only faking any intention of going out myself.
It was a false accusation.

"Here, you put it on!" he said.
"No." I said. "You put it on and I'll find you a flashlight."
I went and got him his rubber boots.

But I couldn't find a flashlight anywhere.
"Come on, you put it on." he said.
He just wanted to see me in that crazy yellow rain suit.

"I can't go because I can't find a flashlight."

I really was looking for one.
I finally found a camping lantern.
I also found a very small turtle-shaped inflatable pool.

I returned to the living room. He was putting on the rain suit.
"What am I going to do about my head?" he said.
I produced the wading pool and handed him the lantern.

And out into the dark and storm he went.

I watched him from the window as he slogged across the lawn to the garden; knelt down, held his lantern high and checked the rain gauge, He pushed it back into the ground, and slogged his way back up to the porch, the lantern bobbing rhythmically. I imagined he was some ancient seaman returning safely from a treacherous voyage. It wasn't hard, except for the green turtle pool.

I opened the door and took the wading pool, and started helping him get the suit off.
"This was a great rain suit!" he said. "It does exactly what it was designed to do....It makes me want to ride cycle again!"

 Oh, and we've had over five inches, so far.